Guideline for Buying IATA Approved Dog Crate (Part-2)


Well, we have already discussed the IATA standards for buying a crate and flying approval. When you have the requirements handy, it is easier to buy stylish yet functional dog crates. What if we give you another set of guidelines to narrow down your search better? An IATA dog crate will keep you one step ahead to plan a wonderful vacation with your pet. Having said that here we are giving you a guideline to buy such crates.

The Metal

Different dogs have different temperaments. While flying you cannot anticipate how they would behave. A lot of people around, a new environment, above all, a flying experience – everything can make them terrified or aggressive. If the crate material is soft, the dog can chew threw it. Therefore, go for a sturdy material such as aluminum.

Aluminium Metal cage


The IATA standard asks you to follow crate hygiene well. Therefore, you would require a crate made of such a metal or solid material that does not leak or get messed up. Once the flight is over, you can clean the base easily.


Aluminum is light in weight but very sturdy. You cannot question the strength of this metal as it can easily withstand immense pressure.


Depending on the type of flight, stylish dog crates should have two to four sides of ventilation. Aluminum as a metal also has the capability to dissipate heat.

Aluminium Metal Cage


It needs to be sturdy enough to withstand high impact, to make it perfect for air travel. This will protect the dog inside from getting hurt. Besides this, because of its sturdiness, you can use it for a long time.


The crate should have a latch system for locking. The lock should open from outside, so the dog cannot get out on its own.

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