IATA Standards for Dog Crates to Fly

You may not want to travel without your pet. If the memory of them makes you homesick when you are traveling, we do not blame you. You may have faced issues while carrying your pet on an airplane. The authorities might not approve of the idea to have your dog roaming inside the aircraft. Sometimes, they may disapprove of the crate material. For these situations, we have a better solution. You should buy a crate that is airline approved. But you have to find an International Air Transport Association (IATA) compliant crate manufacturer.

IATA standard dog crate

IATA Standard for Stylish Dog Crates

The rules set by IATA are followed rigidly across the U.S., by all airlines. Check out the features for an ideal dog crate.

Size – You must measure the size, length, weight and height of the dog. According to this, you should determine on the crate size. The crate should be big enough to allow the dog to move inside and stretch.

Materials – Take serious consideration of materials, you should get one made of fiberglass, metal, weld metal mesh, plastic, wires or rigid plastic or plywood. Before boarding, once again you should cross check whether your particular airline approves this material or not.

Leakage – The dog may make a mess inside. So IATA wants assurance from owners that the crate is leak proof.

Security – The crate door should be spring loaded, tightly locked with an all-around locking system. Airlines sometimes also seek to further security and they ask to use cable ties around the corners. The door should be made of a sturdy material such as rigid plastic, cast or welded metal.

Handles – To fasten the crate to the cabin, the stylish dog crate must have handles on its long side. This also makes it easier for people to hold the crate.

Dog with A Crate

Sturdiness – The crate should be sturdy. Therefore, choose the material wisely and look at the construction process. The gate should not be collapsible and should have enough ventilation but it should not compromise the crates studiness.

Feeding – You should keep water and food bowls inside attached to the door and make sure it is refillable from outside.

Ventilation – The amount of ventilation needed, depends on the flight type. Domestic flights require ventilation from two sides, but for international flights it should be four sides.

Stickers – You should add a sticker that says “LIVE ANIMAL” on the crate. Additionally, keep directional stickers on the crate.

Wheels – There should not be wheels attached to stylish dog crates. If it has wheels make sure to remove them before boarding.

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