Tips, Tricks and Considerations for Outdoor Dog Kennels

Outdoor Dog Kennels

Being a dog lover, you must know that dogs thrive on exercise, fresh air and spending time outside. Regardless of how much you love your dog, this affection remains insufficient if you don’t expose your pet to fresh air.

No matter how much luxury dog kennels or stylish dog crates you set up in your home keep your pet happy and safe, dogs love outdoor activities more. You can also get an outdoor kennel for your beloved pet, but before that, you may need to know some important points.

When choosing the location for the kennel, you need to check:

  • Whether the place gets sufficient sunlight or not. Shade will protect your dog from direct sunlight, but some sunshine will keep the area warm and comfortable for your dog to live in.
  • That the space is airy. In addition to that, you should make sure that your pet can stay out of chilling wind and rain, so choose the place wisely.
  • That the place is not prone to flooding. Additionally, outdoor luxury dog kennels require a flat concrete surface.
  • The distance from your home. If your home is far from the kennel, your dog may miss you and you may fail to maintain the schedule of its food, medicine, water, etc.
  • Whether the site is near a large tree. Depending on the species, a large tree can make a kennel messy by dropping seeds. It can also block the sunlight.
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Consider the Size of the Kennel

The size of the kennel depends on the breed of your dog. For small to medium breeds, the kennel size can be small, but if your dog is large or very active and loves to keep itself busy, you may need to look at larger luxury dog kennels. The kennel should have enough space so that your full-grown dog can stand and move around easily. The longer the kennel is, the better it is. But a small sleeping area is best, as it is like their den.

Weather Resistance

When you have a kennel installed outdoors, it will be exposed to the weather. Therefore, you need to pay attention to how weather resistant the materials are. The kennel should be completely waterproof and sturdy enough to resist weather fluctuations.

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While looking at floors for luxury log kennels, you can choose from the following list:

  • A concrete floor is the most common type of flooring used by dog owners. This is sturdy and easy to clean up. You can spread a soft carpet if you feel it would be hard for your dog paws.
  • Large, flat stones or gravel need replacement each year, but they are good options for kennel flooring. A sand base should be installed for drainage before adding gravel.
  • You can also select composite flooring for luxury dog kennels. This is an excellent option made specifically for outdoor kennels. Though it is costlier than the others, it is more effective, convenient and beautiful.

Dust and dirt are something dogs love to play in, but this cannot be the flooring material of their kennel. It can invite bacteria and worms to invade their bodies.

You can consult an expert who can recommend the best kennel for your dog, according to your needs and preferences. Kennel and Crate is one place where you can get ideas for luxury dog kennels and stylish dog crates and make your dog happy and healthy.