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Happy Dogs + Stylish Homes = Our Business

Dogs have always been an important part of our family. They have the run of the house, but we also wanted them to have their own space. Wire crates served a purpose at first for training, but they lacked panache, weren’t the ideal long term lounging spot for our dogs and took up valuable square footage. We wanted an indoor kennel that was comfy for our four-legged family members and also complimented our home décor.

That’s why we are proud to offer handcrafted kennels and crates that add a beautiful and useful piece of furniture to your home. We custom make each piece, so you can decide the size, color, trim and purpose. Some of our kennels are the base for TV screens and art objects, some have been designed as desks and end-tables, and some just serve as a cool, stand alone piece of furniture with a purpose.

At Kennel and Crate, we are committed to creating the best quality kennels on the market today that meet your specifications and complement your home. We are confident your home will be a happier place with a kennel you and your dogs love.

All of us at Kennel and Crate look forward to continuing the customer service, craftsmanship and quality that Kim and Todd Kimrey started. Let us work with you to build the kennel worthy of your four-legged family!

-Terri Kinnick Arnold

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