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Accidentally fell in business…

Our home had wire crates that served a purpose but lacked any ability to look cool, & they simply took up valuable square footage! We had a desire to give our cool dogs a unique space. So off we went to the home improvement store to load up on materials and tools to take a stab at our first kennel. By the time that first kennel was complete, we had made numerous trips for materials and tools. I was so proud of the handy work we had done, I posted a couple of pictures on social media and off it went. Before we knew it, we were chasing a dream that we had created in our garage!

There was never a business plan in place because our intentions were never to become a business- we just wanted a cool indoor dog kennel. Many quality improvements have been made since the first kennel was produced. We are committed to creating the coolest kennels you can get! Our passion for design and our love for pups is in every piece. We are confident your home will be a happier place with a kennel you love!

-Kim Kimrey

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