Outdoor Kennels: Important Tips to Remember

outdoor kennel

The socio-friendly behavior of dogs makes them the favorite pet of humans. Dogs love to spend time with their owner and family, cuddle with them, stay active and follow them everywhere. Therefore, the dog is called the most trustworthy companion of a human being. However, some dog breeds prefer outdoor activities more than others. Walks, going to a dog park and spending time outdoors are the most loved activities of those breeds. Therefore, setting up luxury dog kennels outdoors is the best way to meet your dog’s behavioral requirements.

The larger breeds thrive on outdoor activities most. This group includes rottweilers, keeshonds, Siberian huskies, Great Pyrenees, Old English sheepdogs, Irish wolfhounds, mastiffs, German shepherds, dalmatians, and more. These dogs easily become bored when they stay indoors, and that can change their normal behaviors. It is bad for their overall health as well. Providing them with designer dog kennels is a good way to handle this situation.


The Musts for Kennels

Generally, kennels are located outdoors. A kennel protects the dog from outdoor threats, including wild animals and other dogs, and provides the required shade and resting place when they are tired. A good kennel provider knows what necessary features a kennel must have. Here are some of those:

  • It is up to the service provider to choose the right place for setting up the kennel. This is the most important thing to consider, as the space should provide the environment a dog desires, without compromising its safety. The location should be within the protected area of your property. The backyard can be a good option. Many dog owners keep luxury dog kennels away from the home, but this deprives the dog of love and makes it feel agitated, so it is better to place it closer to the house.

  • The kennel should be placed a little off the ground to protect the dog from the cold and moisture of the soil. Ensure that the door of the kennel is protected against high winds and rain. The kennel should not be exposed to the strongest daylight. The scorching summer heat can affect your dog’s health negatively.

Luxury Dog Kennels
  • No matter what you choose, a designer dog kennel or a simple one, make sure you keep drinking water inside it and keep it protected from debris and pests. You can arrange the bedding with a soft towel or dog bed, but as it is outdoors, note that those can retain moisture. Therefore, straw or cedar shavings will be a better option.

  • Luxury dog kennels have a temperature controlling feature. They have vents for good air circulation and a waterproof door to protect it from the rain. If you want, you can install an air conditioner to keep your dog comfortable regardless of the climate.

    You consider your dog as a family member, and therefore, you don’t want to compromise with its safety, preference and security. Kennel and Crate also thinks the same way—that your dog deserves the best. Connect with us for customized kennels. Your dog has complete faith in your choice!