How long is the turnaround time to receive a kennel?

We are currently completing orders within eight to ten weeks of payment. Shipping will add a few days to the turnaround. Please contact us with specific questions on lead time.

What are the different sizes of Kennel & Crates?

Our Kennel & Crate sizes are listed under our Shop Now tab.

Is Kennel & Crates “accident” proof?

Yes, the floor of the kennels are treated with water based stain and polyurethane for easy clean up.  Many pet stores offer trays that fit most of our kennels.  Trays are not included in the purchase of the kennel.

What are your delivery options?

Your kennel can be delivered nationwide, shipping rates will apply. See below for further details on rates. We will deliver your kennel free of charge within a ten mile radius of Stillwater, Oklahoma. Alternatively, you are welcome to pick up your new Kennel & Crate at our build site in Stillwater.

What is the Kennel & Crate made from?

Our building standard is higher than the current market. For our standard build, we use hand selected Pine, ¼” and 3/8” rolled steel, 1 ¼” screws, 1 ¾” screws, 2” screws, premium wood glue, oil based stain, oil based polyurethane, steel hinges, and steel sliding locks. Barn doors are fabricated from raw steel, it will oxidize over time showing patina or rust.

How much is shipping?

Every Kennel & Crate is handmade and will be shipped as a fully finished product.  Shipping fees are $495 for Singles and $595 for Doubles within the United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska) for our standard sizes.  That rate is per kennel or per piece that is being shipped. All custom pieces will require a quote for shipping, as they often do not qualify for the standard shipping rates.  Standard shipping will be delivered to your residence, not unpacked and brought into your home.

What if my dog chews on the Kennel & Crate?

We are not responsible or liable for pets chewing on the Kennel & Crate. Chew guard is available for an additional charge for areas more prone to chewing.

Can I have my new Kennel & Crate painted or distressed?

Absolutely! There is an additional charge for paint and distressing. Distressing involves a four-step process that is quite time consuming. Painting and/or distressing is an additional $125 for a Single and $175 for a Double Kennel & Crate. You pick the color!

Do you offer custom sized Kennel & Crates?

Of course we do! Our goal is to meet the specific needs of our clients' pets! We will work with you through the build process to ensure your pet is comfortable in their new home!

Terms & Conditions

Please view our Privacy Policy for specifics on Terms and Conditions. You are required to read and accept the Terms and Conditions policy prior to purchasing a Kennel & Crate.