Boerboel – Share-Worthy Facts About Them


When you have a dog, you must know about crates. The dog should have its den, where it can spend its leisure time. Designer dog kennels are there on the market and you can buy one any time for your pet. Before that however, you need to understand your pet, what is good for them and what is not. When you know the breed well, making a decision for your pet is easier, even if it is related to a kennel. Here, we will talk about the South African Boerboel.


Though the name suggests South Africa, this breed has its roots in Germany, Huguenot, and the Netherlands.  When people were migrating from Netherlands, Germany or France, some brought their dog during their migration process. This dog is a mixed breed of mastiff, bulldogs and other hunter dogs. The Boerboel is a courageous and fearless dog that is used to protect livestock. Boer is a Dutch word that means farmer. So typically this dog is a farm dog.

This dog is AKC accepted, but while the Union of South Africa does not recognize a black Boerboel, other colors are fine.


This is a large breed and has a strong bone structure. They have good muscle volume and are quite powerful and courageous. They have a large and flat head. The average height of a male Boerboel is 24 to 27 inches and female are about 22 to 25 inches.

The male dogs weigh around 110 to 175 pounds, while females are less than that. A male dog can weigh up to 200 pounds.

They are double coated and their coats are shiny, coarse and short, but the undercoat is soft. The coat can have different coloring shades like red, black or brown.

They have loose skin, but it should not hang off their body.

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Food Habit

As they are a large breed, they should be provided with good food and served as per their nutritional needs. When they are just puppies, they should be given small, frequent meals. With their growing age, you should consult a vet for changes in food habits.

You should restrict treats as Boerboel tend to become obese fast. Be sure to give high quality and protein-rich food either homemade or commercially made.


They have a short and sleek coat that is easy for grooming. They do shed their coat, but not in large amounts.

They do not need regular bathing, only when they get dirty or stinky. Frequent bathing will make its skin dry and chapped. You can either bath them yourself or take them to get it professionally done.

Clean their ears and brush their teeth regularly to prevent tartar and germ build-up.


You should make them exercise regularly. As said previously, obesity can be a problem with this breed. This is a hard working dog and they can adapt to any living arrangement easily. You must keep them active so that they do not feel jobless. Being active helps a Boerboel to stay happy and healthy.

When you have a Boerboel you should buy them designer dog kennels. Do you not want them to have their own personal space? It will reinforce the oodles of positivity that you want for your pet.