Don’t Let Your Pup Fall Sick – Cleaning Tips for Kennels

Dogs are never afraid to get dirty. They run around the yard, wrestle, dig and these are all signs of a happy, healthy dog. It is not the most fun to clean up after dogs to be an owner, but it is essential. To keep your dog away from disease and keep up their health, you should make a cleaning plan, even with luxury dog kennels at your home.

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Just as your home requires regular maintenance, a kennel will require maintenance to help you realize its full potential. Here are some indicators to help you get the most out of your investment for stylish dog crates.

  • Frequency: Germs have more time to replicate the more time the kennel surfaces go without cleaning. This increases the chance for your dogs to come into contact with germs. Distemper symptoms may take more than four weeks, and healthy dogs in some cases will be ill without you knowing. You must clean up your kennel weekly if you have two or more dogs who socialize with other dogs.

  • Safety: Every dog owner should first and foremost take safety into account. In other words, you must ensure that animals, pets, children and yourself are protected or safe from harm. Deep cleaning and sanitation require nearly always strong chemicals, therefore, take precautionary measures with non-toxic cleaning products.

  • Disinfectant: It won't destroy all pathogens regardless of what disinfectant is used. Change products once a week and underline the importance of soap and water cleaning. You must use the right concentration of disinfectants for cleaning your luxury dog kennels. Disinfectants shall be applied on non-porous surfaces. Disinfectants and detergents cancel the actions of each other, and must not be mixed unless the manufacturer has specific instructions. It must be watered down. It may leave a hazardous residue that could burn or poison pups if it is not diluted correctly.

A Few More Tips

Here are some other things to remember when your dog's kennel is maintained.

  • Look for seal strips which might have pulled away by age around openings and substitute as required.

  • Check whether there are missing parts.

  • Trim off the branches of any nearby tree to keep an outdoor kennel from possible damage.

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