Which Crates Are Perfect for Taking Your Dog on Vacation

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When you are going out, you better let your dog accompany you. It will make both of you feel better. But in order to keep your dog safe and comfortable and make your trip enjoyable, you need to have the right crate.

  • You can’t pick any stylish dog crate for traveling, it needs to be compliant with the rules and regulations of United Airlines Requirements, USDA regulations and the International Air Transport Association. No matter from where you are buying the stylish dog crates, make sure the manufacturer or seller is acquainted with the standards and they make the travel crates based on these.

  • The size of the crate should be perfect. Decide the same according to your dog breed. The stylish dog crates designed for the small breeds would not be right for the larger breeds and vice versa. If it is too small, it will be uncomfortable for the dog and the large one would make them using it for peeing and pooping inside it.

  • The crate should be made of sturdy plastic, wood or metal so that it wouldn’t be affected if pressure is given on it. There should be one gate which is secure and yet accessible. The wheels’ attachment with the crates will be an added advantage. It helps in carrying it. It should have three or four sides of ventilation so that the pet wouldn’t feel suffocated. If you travel in 50 United States including Oklahoma City ventilation number would be three and four for all other locations.

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  • A single crate should not be for both dog and cat. Two kittens or puppies in a crate is allowed, but dogs or cats of more than six months should not be kept in one crate.

  • A reinforced crate is an option for those whose pets are clawing and biting the crates the most. These dogs with irregular behavior should be kept in a reinforced crate while traveling. Wood, metal or synthetic which cannot be damaged by biting should be the material. The door should be secured. The ventilation standard should match the reinforced one.

Kennel and Crate is a company that manufactures stylish dog travel crates staying compliant with all the standards. Call them and tell them about your pet’s breed. They will recommend the best for you.