6 Top Ways to Make Your Dog Love their Kennels

Designer Dog Kennels

If you follow the right guidance when owning a pet, you will obviously know how important it is to create a crate habit with a dog. You love your puppy, so it is not an easy decision for you to keep your dog in a crate for a certain period of the day. Their puppy eyes, pleading attitude will make it very difficult for you and you will feel guilty. After pleading they may resist going to the crate. You may think it is better to let them roam free, but a crate habit is needed for putting a leash on their destructive behaviors.

Crates are not there to cause pain to your dog. You can make them interesting and enjoyable for your dog as well. Apart from getting designer dog kennels, you can follow some simple tips, so your pets do not consider it as a punishment.

  • You shouldn’t rush creating this habit for your dog. It needs to adopt the habit on it’s own and it will take time. You can feed them inside their crate, keeping the door opened. Then after a few days keep the door closed for 10 minutes and then increase the time to 30 minutes. If the dog is comfortable in the crate for more than 30 minutes, you can start to keep it there for a couple of hours at a time.

  • You should not crate your dog for more than four hours at a time. The regular breaks are needed for peeing or else they will use the kennel for it.

  • It is better to keep it somewhere quiet. The environmental noises and distractions can make the dog anxious and stressed. They will start relating their crate to those feelings.

dog kennel
  • If you can make a good bed inside the kennel, it will be a cozy place for the dog. You can let it sleep in there as well. Get an unchewable bed if your dog has a random chewing habit.

  • You have to be very careful about the size of your designer dog kennel. Your dog should be able to stand and sit and move in the crate. It shouldn’t be too small to get up and also it should not be too big so that they can use one corner of the kennel as their toilet.

  • For making a crate habit, you can use treats for your dog. Hide a treat inside the kennel and let them find it, it is a nice strategy to grow the habit without forcing them. On the other hand, you can use a bone or toy to keep it occupied for longer periods. 

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