Crate Habit for Your Dog: Don’t End Up Growing a Bad One

stylish dog crates

Getting a crate for a pet dog is a good decision that every dog owner should make. Often people think that crating is similar to keeping a dog in a locked environment which is suffocating for them. Unless you keep your dog for a long time a day or keep them inside that only, a crate is significant for growing your dog in the right way. Like the children, you pup also needs to be disciplined and this is a part of the training.

You can get the designer dog kennels for your pet, but make sure you let your dog adopt the crating habit from its infancy. Also, you have to be cautious when you are helping your dog to get habituated with the crates. With a single mistake, your dog may adopt other bad habits like pooping inside stylish dog crates instead of doing it when he is out for a walk.

Physical punishment is a big NO for your pets. Don’t punish them in any harmful way. Rather make their learning process easier and less complicated.

There are a few tips you can consider so that the crating habit wouldn’t end up in a bad one.

  • The size of the crate plays a significant role in growing a new habit for your dog. You have to keep in mind that the crate should be perfect in proportions and it would vary according to the size of your dog. It should not be so small that your dog can’t sit and stand comfortably there. And if it is much bigger than its size, it will consider one corner as the pooping area. The crate is a den of the dog, it should have the right size.

  • In order to break the habit, you can let the dog eat in the crate. Generally, they don’t choose the place for pooping where they eat. But make sure, you don’t create a feeling of anxiety when you are keeping and feeding it in the crate. If needed, keep the door opened.

stylish dog crate
  • Don’t let the bedding of the crate to stay for months. Change those often so that it does not feel dingy. The fresh beddings will stop the dog from making it dirty.

  • Get the enzymatic cleaner in order to clean the stylish dog crates so that there would not be any odor.

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