Games to Entice Your Pet to Stay in Their Crate


Dogs have a natural den instinct, from which the idea of the crate has evolved. When a crate is used correctly, the dog can make it their private room. Most dogs, after being trained, feel safe inside a crate and do not pee or poop in it. However, for some dogs or puppies it is difficult to train them to stay in it. To fix this you can buy a stylish dog crate and engage in your puppy in a few games to teach your dog to stay inside.

Game 1

This is the simplest one of the lot. Teach your puppy to follow your command like ‘go to your room’ indicating the crate. Sit near the crate and praise your dog if he comes near the crate without any command. Give him treats for going inside. You can give a treat when it keeps the first paw inside, even does not enter. Gradually increase the treats and give them lots when your puppy stays in the crate for a couple of minutes.

As the game goes on, your puppy will start learning to stay inside the crate for longer periods. For the first time, it may go inside and come out within seconds. Give it a treat for staying longer in there and keep on praising. Initially, stay near the crate, otherwise, your pet might become afraid.

Game 2

Dogs are very good at finding things. It is in their natural to sniff and find things. Keep your dogs favorite toy or ball inside the crate and ask him to go find it. This will get your dog to go inside. Thus, you can make him fearless of the stylish dog crate. If the dog stays inside the crate after finding the toy, that is a good sign. If it comes out, exchange it with a treat and toss the toy again inside the crate and keep on repeating the process until he becomes comfortable.

Game 3

TDogs love hide and seek games. Train it to stay inside the crate while you hide. Take time to hide and ask him to find you. Keep on playing in short intervals. Increase the time of calling him and let him stay inside for longer periods of time. Your dog will gradually grow an interest in the crate.

Game 4

When your dog is completely accustomed to the crate, ask him to come outside and play around. Sometimes he will follow you and sometimes not. When your dog is outside, watch how fast he wants to go back to its crate.


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