Crates to Train Your Dog

Have your dogs spoiled the new sofa you bought? Are your shoes torn apart? It’s time to train your dog and a crate is important for that.


You may have heard that dogs are den animals and in stressful times they look to their crate for comfort. This den-like structure is approached correctly and provides a safe place to sleep, retire and perhaps even eat in your home. A crate is considered to be the most reliable way to carry dogs, and you will need to carry a crate if you ever fly with your dog, so they must become accustomed to it.

Crate training is essential for your pups, no matter how big they are now. It may also be a good choice to give dogs an indoor escape to become the home of the dogs.

Wired Dog Crates

Wired dog crates are well-ventilated ones. For dogs who like to see their surroundings, require a little more air flow, they're a good option.

Although they are not the most attractive options and can be noisier than other crates, wire boxes are easy to clean as well and offer removable panels so that your puppy can live in an expanded room. Some of them are also easily transported and collapsible.

Soft-sided Dog Crates

The soft side crates are Stylish Dog Crates and have several advantages: they are light-weight, traveling great and easy to store. But for smaller dogs, it is just an option. They are also harder to clean, easier to escape by curious pups and easier to chew by destructive animals.


Wooden Crates

This kind of crate is a dog crate doubling like home furniture. The most characteristic example is the end table or credenza. It is not portable or easy to move or clean depending on the design, but is designed to be beautiful, functional, and truly part of your home.

Plastic Crates

The most attractive designer dog kennel option is also not plastic dog crates. However, it's excellent for dogs that like to sleep in a little more confidentiality and isolation. However, it's not so easy to clean or ventilate as the wire crate.

Plastic boxes have a comfortable atmosphere and are hard to escape. Plastic crates are also ideal for flying and can be stored easily when not in use.

Heavy Duty Crates

The smartest and most destructive dogs are housed in these towering numbers. It's a little costly; however, you pay more ultimately, if your pup's antics require you to get another less sturdy box several times.

Another advantage for heavy duty crates: some are approved for aviation. Thus, traveling is much easier if your dog is already used to this crate.

In short, it depends on your lifestyle and intentions to use the best type of crate to train your dog. Do you need a dog crate that is easily relocated and breaks down or something stable on frequent car rides? Do you want something stylish that will fit your home décor? Invest in a crate in the right size. Does your small dog need a carrier in which he can feel extra safe? Your best bet is plastic crates.

No matter if you want stylish dog crates or designer dog kennels, you should ask the professionals. Come to us at Kennel and Crate and get advice for choosing the best one for your loving pet.