Dog Kennels for Your Outdoor Dog with Love

Fresh air and outdoor playing make dogs thrive. You probably do not have the time to give your dog adequate time outside every day, regardless of how much you love your dog. If so, an outdoor luxury dog kennel for your dog is the perfect solution. Your dog is happy to be outdoors, to be comfortable with a kennel and to have extra room. You're at the right place if you want to build or purchase your outdoor kennel.

Dogs That Love Outdoor

There are many types of dog breeds, grown and adapted for outdoor work and living. These dog breeds are ideal for spending time outside in every kind of weather:

  • Mastiff

  • German / Australian Shepard

  • The great Pyrenees

  • Samoyed

  • Siberian Husky

  • Rottweiler

  • Swiss / Bernese Mountain Dog

  • Irish Wolfhound

  • American / English Foxhound

  • English Sheepdog

  • Chow Chow

  • Keeshond

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An Ideal Outdoor Kennel Should Provide:

Even a dog who spends time outdoors needs the shelter provided by an enclosed luxury dog kennel. Quality stylish dog crates have been constructed with an insulated box, in which your dog can escape the elements outside. They should also include a dog door that allows your dog to have the opportunity to run, play, and get his everyday exercise at the attached dog run or back yard (when your yard is closed).

Remember to include these elements when setting up a luxury dog Kennel in your backyard.


Before you invest money and time in an open kennel, please check these factors. It is not enough just to find a large area to fit the desired kennel. There are a couple of things you need to take into consideration before you buy.

  • Wind Exposure

  • Sun Exposure

  • Ground

  • Closeness to Home

  • Trees

Weather Resistance

For years to come, outdoor kennels have to be ready to withstand the elements. If the climate fluctuates considerably, any structure can be affected. Make sure that you have a little building experience that is appropriate for your climate if you build your own. If you purchase one, make sure it's an adequately designed kennel for your climate.


The size and energy level of a dog usually determine the required kennel size. Normal time spent in the kennel should also be taken into account. A dog left in kennel for several hours will have to have more space to run.

Cleaning and Flooring

It's very important to keep your stylish dog crates clean. It helps your dog to be happy and healthy. In an outdoor dog-house, the cleaning process has various floor options:

  • Dirt and Grass

  • Composite Flooring

  • Gravel

  • Concrete


There are a variety of things to consider to keep your dog warm during cold months in an outside dog house.

  • Smaller dog houses

  • Insulated walls

  • Heated water bowl

Escape Proofing

Make sure the kennel is fully enclosed if the dog is a climber or jumper. You can try anti-digging mesh under kennel walls if the dog likes digging. Cool anti-digging kennel aftermarket borders are available for purchase.

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For dogs outdoor kennels are safe. Irresponsible use of external kennels or poorly designed kennels can nevertheless be very dangerous for dogs. An external kennel gives your dog the chance to enjoy the outside, free of outdoor hazards such as vehicles. Don't forget, when in outdoor Luxury Dog Kennels dogs still need supervision.

Do you still have more questions, before you buy stylish dog crates? Ask us at Kennel and Crate, and we would be happy to answer them. Start planning today. Your dog will thank you.