Facts About Plott Hounds

Plott Hound Dog

Hunter dogs are precious. They might seem ferocious to the world, but for you they are adorable. Here we will discuss facts about the plott hound breed.


The Plott hound is a prominent dog breed sporting a muscular build. You’ll know how strong and agile it is at first glance. It is a medium size and unlike other hounds doesn’t have wrinkled or baggy skin. Adult female hounds are just over 20 inches tall to the shoulder, weighing 40 to 55 pounds. Male hounds are 2 to 3 inches taller than female and weigh 50-60 pounds.

To support running at speed, its coat is streamlined. The coat is medium short, sleek and has a fine texture and does not slow it down. It has brindle color with marks sometimes that helps the owner to identify it. Therefore, this mark is considered helpful.

Its coat is shiny and silky and consists of black or light hairs or may have dark background coloring. Either it is streaked with a stripe effect or pattern. Its neck is quite muscular also.

It has proportionately sloped topline from shoulder to hips. It has broad ears high on its head.

Dog Food


Feed a healthy and quality diet to your Plott Hound that meets his individual needs. Talk to your veterinarian and learn exactly how much to feed him and how often.

Plott Hounds have lots of energy, so, burn out calories easily. A young hound needs more calories, and perhaps smaller meals more frequently.

Until it reaches six months of age, this food habit will continue. How much and how often he eats will keep on changing throughout its life; therefore, you should be in touch with your vet.

While choosing its food, make sure to provide it with good food for its high energy. Also, keep supplying plenty of fresh drinking water.

Plott Hound


Plott hounds, being a hunter dog breed, do not need much grooming. It has a sleek and silky coat of medium length without any chances of tangles or any other fuss. It sheds a little, therefore, brushing once a week is enough to keep its coat shiny, to remove dead hair and to keep skin healthy.

It has long floppy ears which are prone to infection. Check for earwax and make sure his ears are clean. Use a vet-approved cleanser on a cottonball to clean ears but don’t use something like a swab.

Brush its teeth. Brushing every week is enough for good gum and teeth health; thus, it will help him avoid cavities and other gum diseases and make his breath better.

Take care of cracks in its toenails. For excess growth, call professionals to trim its toenails.

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