What to Know about the Shichon Breed

Shichon Dog

A proud member of the Teddy Bear Dog Club, or dogs with a strange resemblance to Teddy Bears, this pup is a prize. This pup is soft, sweet, playful and cuddly. It is jovial, kid-friendly and does not shed. The Shichon is a Bichon Frise and Shih Tzu designer dog mix. They can also be referred to as Tzu Frise and Zuchons. Their little size makes them even lovelier, and they are very proud of this fact. And why not be? They may be small in stature but only because they have giant minds and hearts.


Shichons have the look of a small stuffed animal. The hair makes it appear a bit larger, but it is only up to a foot tall and weighs 10 to 15 pounds.

A Shichon's fluffy coat is long, thick, and curly. Its hair is silky and soft so that you are tempted to pet it all day. They have hypoallergenic coats, and they hardly shed.

Red, black, silver, apricot, white, chocolate, tan, and dark red are typical colors. They are sometimes a combination of the colors given. They often change colors noticeably when they become older.

Shichons' faces are full, the noses are black, and their big eyes are brown. Its ears hang adorably to frame the small face, and the tail is of medium length.


Shichons are tiny dogs, therefore, feeding it is important according to its pint size. Speaking to your veterinarian is a good idea to recommend food that meets your pup’s requirements.

It is advisable that you only feed him with high-quality food which is formulated especially for it. Some people believe that Shichons should not eat wet or canned dog food, though that’s something to ask a veterinarian.

Shichons are likely to become obese. Obesity can bring physical problems such as a heart condition and diabetes, just like with humans. Therefore, a Shichon should eat how much and how often according to his size and age.

Between food and snacks, he must eat regular meals, so go easy on the treats. Remember his small tummy, so healthy food must come first.

Shichon Dogs


Shichons don’t shed. Its coat makes him a perfect option for anyone who has allergies to dander or other allergens. It needs to be taken care to stay happy and healthy.

Its sweet, curly coat must at least be brushed a couple times a week to prevent it from tangling. Be sure to brush close the skin for hair that is easily overlooked. Take it for a bath and grooming monthly. It is not advisable to take it for bath more as its skin tends to get dry.

Use a hypoallergenic conditioning shampoo and ensure that its coat is fluffed up after the bath. A Shichon's coat needs an occasional trim, so that it doesn't look shaggy. Of course, its coat is lovely but not trimming once every three or so months can make it unruly.

Choose a groomer for the popular style options to make him look super cute. Hair around his eyes also needs trimming, but for this an expert hand is recommended.

Having the hair cut in front of the eyes is necessary because eye irritation or even infections can result. There's hair around its nose too, which should be kept short so it doesn't irritate its nose.


Shichons are not very active. It has average energy levels, although it could bounce a long way as a puppy to spend some energy. For this pretty pup, about 20-40 minutes' workout is good a day. You could split it up and go for a short walk a couple times a day.

Because he doesn't need much activity, a Shichon can live comfortably in an apartment as long as he gets walks and some time to play. Watch larger dogs and children on bikes so that it does not get injured.

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