How to Introduce New Pup with Your Old Dog?

new dog

No matter how friendly your dog is it may react unusually while being introduced to any new person, dogs or other animals. Even a well-behaved dog can attack other new dog or people at the first meeting. Therefore, it is up to you how you handle the situation so that it does not turn into anything hazardous.

The dog may have to be introduced to a new puppy you have adopted, or other dogs that have come to your place with your friends. The introduction should not be harmful to each other. You can follow some tricks to avoid such a situation.

  • When you have adopted a puppy, first of all, give it some time to adjust to the new environment. Give time to your dog also to accept this new family member. In this case, it is better to avoid any direct contact. The dogs generally sniff to make an idea of the new environment and animals. Sniffing from a distance can go fine, but it is better to avoid nose-to-nose greeting at the very first place. Therefore, it is better to buy stylish dog crates to give the puppy its personal space or put a gate to separate their territories. It is better to let them share their territories gradually. If you enforce, it can result in an attack.
  • Other than providing stylish dog crates to be accustomed to each other, you can also take both pets for an evening walk to ease the process. It is a better idea as the dogs will be in an open space which is not their territory. They will not be threatened by the other to take away their position. A long walk for some months with both of the new and old dog can make them comfortable with each other.
  • Your dog follows you with keen interest and observes every reaction, so be aware of what you are doing in front of it. Relax your mind and hold the leash casually. If your body language is tensed and leash movements are uneasy, it will make the dog terrified also and it can attack others.
Stylish Dog Crates


  • You can either buy stylish dog crates or install a gate to separate the areas. You will understand when they interact with each other from a distance. You will get the vibe if the new puppy is comfortable and also if the old one likes it or not. If you think there is everything fine between them, you can allow them to play sometimes. But is better to maintain the separate areas until the puppy grows up to one year.  

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