Plastic or Wired Crate? The Best One for Your Dachshund

dachshund in crate

No matter whether it is a senior dog, adult or a puppy, if you get a dachshund, you need to get a crate at first. There are several tips and tricks on the crate training sessions and the idea is brilliant to train a dog through crates, but if you fail to understand the need and preference of your dachshund, you will end up buying a wrong crate for it and it will spoil the entire training process besides making it most uncomfortable for it. There are several stylish dog crates to choose for your dog, but you should know the type you want to buy for it.

People often prefer plastic crates for the dogs, but the expert trainers recommend wired crates for the dachshund. There are several benefits of a wire crate.

  1. The wire crates do not cover the area entirely, as a result, your dog will enjoy more open space and visibility than the plastic ones. You can put a blanket or a sheet on it to protect your dog’s privacy.
  2. Generally, the wire crates have two doors. You can keep it deciding the best place at your home for the dog. Accordingly, you will decide which door you want your dog to use.
  3. The Wire crates are chew proof. The pups most likely have a chewing habit which easily damages plastic crates but the wires are long-lasting.
  4. Plastic crates do not allow proper ventilation for the dogs. The air flow can be restricted for the enclosure.
  5. The wire crates require less maintenance than the plastic ones. These are also available in stylish dog crates category.
  6. The plastic crates are bulky to carry for a vacation. The wired crated are collapsible and can be carried easily.
Stylish Dog Crates

While getting a crate for your dog, don’t forget its size. Generally, for a dachshund, you need a medium size crate. Don’t go for a small one if it a pup. You may need to invest again once it becomes an adult. The dog should be comfortable inside the crate. It should not be clumsy and suffocating to fit in.

You can get stylish dog crates in wired material from Kennel and Crate. They provide crate according to the size of the dog so that it can stay comfortably there. You can consult with them as well before getting the best one for your pet.