Reasons and Solution – Pet Pooping inside a Stylish Dog Crate

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If your dog is defecating inside its crate regularly, it could be alarming for you as a pet guardian. It is dog’s natural instinct to keep its den clean and domestic dogs consider crates as a den. So if they poop inside it is quite out of their nature and you should be very conscious about it. To understand why the dog is pooping inside a stylish dog crate and spoiling it, the owner should closely observe it. It could be medical or behavioral issues. The common reasons for the dog to poop in a crate are here stated below:

Potty Training- If it is still a puppy, it might not have potty training. It could be so little to hold it for long and puppies release more frequently than adult dogs. On an average, a two years old puppy can hold itself for maximum two hours. As it grows older, the time may start increasing. In spite of having potty training and being in a mature age, it is quite unnatural for adult dogs.

A Bigger Crate- The size of a crate really matters a lot. While choosing a crate, make sure it has ample space for the pet to move around. If it is too big, the dogs may get confused and poop inside.

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Anxiety- Being crated, a dog might get anxious and nervous with the idea of separation. It may start panting, whining or might get distraught and forget where it is pooping. Even it might get a confinement anxiety.

Infections and Inflammatory Bowel Disease- Various infections in the digestive tract can cause uncontrollable diarrhea, loss of appetite, abdominal infection, bloating and vomiting. When it is suffering from all these, it might feel lethargic to go outside for elimination. Even a chronic condition may cause such a problem.

Muscle and Nerve problems- Instability of muscle and nerves are quite a serious problem that can affect rectum functions and lead a dog to release itself inside a designer dog kennel. Also, if it has problems in joints, especially arthritis, going outside of kennel to poop can be difficult.

Apart from those, being in trauma or certain medications can also make a pet to release itself inside a stylish dog crate.

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What to Do?

To diagnose why your pet is pooping inside the crate, let a vet check it up. Mention everything including its age, from when it is pooping inside and type of stool. The veterinarian may ask to test blood, stool, and others for a right treatment process. Do everything you are asked for.

Once all the problems are cured, your puppy or adult dog might require re-training, so that it will not repeat it inside a designer dog kennel.