It Is All About Your Mastino

Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiff is an ancient breed and they often play the role of guard dog or the defender of family. They are naturally protective and have a fearsome appearance. Here are details about this breed that you need to know.

A Few Quick Facts

AKC recognition: on 2004

Lifespan: up to nine years

Breed: large

A Brief Introduction

This breed originated from Italy. It was initially used as a fighting dog in the Colosseum arena and a war dog by the Roman military. It has great popularity as a guard dog. In Singapore, they are forbidden and in Romania, a person needs a certification to have one. When there are breed-specific bans, such as for this dog, they are usually forbidden mostly due to lack of training and supervision. Their facial skin is molded to make them look slow.


The American Kennel Club formally recognized them in 2004. They are quite loyal, strong and vigilant. This is a breed from the Mastiff family and are known as Mastino. Their average height is 26-31 inches and weight is 110-150 lbs.


They have a straight posture, wrinkles on their face and a slanted nose. Their skin is larger than the surface area, which makes it look soggy and the skin can be pulled. It has a sturdy bone structure and strong bones. Though it looks slow, it is a very good guard dog.

Dog Food

Food Habit

You should consult with your vet about their diet. But it is best to give formulated food. To ensure a long and healthy life, they should be given meals according to their size, age and weight. Besides this, you should provide them with clean and fresh water.


Like us, a Mastino also needs regular grooming. A regular bath will keep its coat clean. This breed loves outdoor activities and gets dirty often. Though they are a little challenging to groom, their nails should be clipped regularly. This will help prevent cracking and overgrowth. Their ears should be cleaned to avoid infections.


Daily exercise of 30-60 minutes is always recommended. This breed is very protective of its owner, which is why they should be well-trained to obey their human parents against strange behavior. To travel with you, they need a stylish dog crate.


For an adult dog, you need a 54” dog crate. They need to be able to stand inside, turn and relax. You can check our crate guide when buying a stylish dog crate for your Mastino.

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