Maltipoo – An Adorable Pet that Can Make Your Days Special

Maltpoo Puppy

Whether you're fascinated by large or small dog breeds, you can't say 'no' to Maltipoos. If the breed seems unfamiliar to you, it may be because of the name. You might have seen the tiny dog in your neighbor's fancy kennel or carried by their parents in an oversized purse, and you got that “awwww” feeling. If you plan to take a Maltipoo home, it is high time to learn more about the breed.

The Maltipoo Breed

This is basically a manifestation of the American dream dog come to life. This is a mix of Maltese and Toy Poodle. The breed originated in America, but is not recognized by the AKC yet. A cross of poodle and Maltese made the best of both the genesets.

It is an excellent companion which is smart, charming and loving by nature. It looks adorable and by its looks, it steals everyone’s heart. The breed may live up to 15 years.


It weighs from two to 15 pounds and it is only eight to 14 inches tall. Coats are generally long, straight or curly. You can get a wide array of variation in terms of its color including fawn, shades of brown, gray, peach, cream and white. Many of these dogs are bi-colored as well. Generally, they have dark eyes, but sometimes they are hazel or light brown as well. Like poodles, they tend to have tear-staining beneath the eyes.

Dog Grooming


Due to the long coat, these dogs need to be brushed daily for keeping them tangle-free and without matting. Soft brushes need to be used for their fine hair. Often, their fur is clipped as well to keep them tidy and cool in hot weather. Generally, clipping twice a year is enough for the dog. However, the head needs regular trimming for keeping it clean and soft. Groomers use mild shampoos to clean them and keep them fresh.

Food and Nutrition

As it is a small breed, the requirement of food is smaller than other dogs. Even after they grow up, they need less food than other dog breeds. Being an active dog, it needs regular activities. The activities need more calories. Hence, when it is a pup, it may need a little more food than usual. You have to keep in mind not to overfeed the dog to keep it healthy. For the food and other nutrition, consult a vet and get a diet for it that may vary with age.


Like other dogs, Maltipoo also needs exercise to stay fit and healthy. It has medium to high energy so you can allot 30 minutes of walking per day. The mental stimulation is also provided with the exercise otherwise they can be bored and mischievous.

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