Luxurious Dog Kennel Alternatives for Your Pet

Luxury Dog Kennels.jpg

To start with, kennels are meant to confine dogs in a secure place. A kennel provides a resting place for a dog; it is not a punishment. Canines are by nature denning animals, meaning that they love to rest or sleep in a small and cozy place. That is the reason you should give your dog its own private space.

Do you crate your dog or not? Crating your dog is the best decision you can make. When your dog is feeling lonely or agitated, it needs a private space. But a plastic or wired crate not always looks good. Therefore, you may want to look for something better and more attractive for your four-legged friend. We do not recommend buying plastic or wired crates for dogs, because plastic is not good for their health, and wired crates can cause an accident. Here are some alternatives for you to check out.

  • Furniture: You can find luxury dog kennels that double as furniture. You can choose teak for a customized kennel and use it as a table. This is costlier than wired or plastic kennels, but the designer appearance coordinates with home décor and gives your pet comfort.
  • Wicker crate: Wicker crates are durable and perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. In addition to having a contemporary style, this one is lightweight and comes along with safety latches. Wicker crates are attractive and absorb odor.
  • Ottoman crate: This is a delight for your pet along and adds to your home décor. Before grabbing any of the crates from the market, check out ottoman crates. These crates are simultaneously functional, stylish and cozy, and you can keep them at your bedside or in the living room.
  • Small room: If you have a small room or large closet that is unused, especially under the stairs, make it a small room for your pet. This is easy to clean, and you can even decorate your pet’s room. Remember to arrange for proper ventilation.
  • Fabric cover: One unique idea is to cover your luxury dog kennel. You can buy a good fabric cover and simply put it over the crate. It will not block the air circulation but will prevent heat from entering or leaving quickly.
  • Soft-sided dog crate: Soft-sided dog crates are easy to carry, travel-friendly and a great option for smaller dogs. This type of crate is made of soft mesh or a similar kind of material, and it is one of the most comfortable options for pets.

As you can see from the list above, there are many types of luxury dog kennels that you can buy online or at a store. When buying a luxury dog kennel, do not forget to mention the breed, check ventilation, and consider whether your pet is allergic to the material. The size of the crate depends on the age, breed and purpose. If you are planning to travel with your pet, then you should go for a lightweight crate. For sheltering your pet in the yard, you must check the material or buy a heavy-duty kennel.