Tips for Building a Dog Kennel - Kennel & Crate

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Dogs have been considered man’s best friend for ages. They are perfect examples of loving unconditionally, selflessly and truly. Having dogs as pets helps us bring out our best personas. Therefore, having a dog calls for taking the best care of it. Generally, pet lovers feel keeping their furry friend captive inside a crate or kennel is cruel, but as a matter of fact, a kennel offers a dog its own comforting space. Moreover, a dog kennel helps owners maintain cleanliness and hygiene more easily.

Although the market is flooded with a variety of excellent options for designer dog kennels, building a customized dog kennel is an interesting idea. When you design a kennel for your pet, undoubtedly you are free to make modifications to suit your dog’s requirements. In addition, building a kennel is sometimes more economical than purchasing one from a store. This blog post presents to you certain tips to consider when building a dog kennel:

  • Usually, urban and suburban areas follow strict zoning laws and regulations. You should have an idea about area limitations defined by the authorities so that you can plan the size and area of your dog kennel. The companies selling designer dog kennels can help you with ideas regarding building a dog kennel within the prescribed zoning limits.
  • The best part of building a dog kennel rather than buying it is that you can freely choose among several designs to build one that suits your dog best. After gaining an idea about zoning laws, you need to measure the area where you wish to construct the kennel. This will help in two ways: first, you can easily decide on the dog kennel dimensions, and second, your kennel will not intrude on the neighboring property, allowing your pet to enjoy the place without any worries.
  • The next step in building a dog kennel is to buy good quality materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions. You need to choose material for floors and walls depending upon the size of the kennel. You should make sure to avoid fences with sharp edges. Also, you can choose plastic coating and locks that are easily operable.
  • An ideal dog kennel offers both shade and sunlight. For this, you should build the dog kennel near a tree in your yard, or you can cover specific portions of the kennel with durable and waterproof material. You should ensure that your dog kennel has a raised platform inside for your dog to rest on when it rains. This sort of dog kennel will provide a sense of security to your dog.
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