Ways to Crate Train Your Dog Successfully

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The idea behind dog crates, whether metal, wood or plastic, is to let pets feel comfortable and help them adapt quickly to their surroundings. Dog crates serve several purposes and can offer a great place for your dog to take shelter in your home. Companies designing stylish dog crates provide crates with enough space to accommodate the dog and all its accessories even on trips away from home. Thus, pet lovers around the world feel comfortable carrying their furry friends along with them with the help of dog crates, leaving behind worries and hassles.

Experts in the field of dog training and behavior recommend following certain tips to properly crate train your pet. This blog post lists those tips in detail to help you successfully crate train your dog.

  • Keep the Dog Crate Close to You

It is quite natural for your dog to feel lonely and isolated inside a crate, so during the training, keeping the crate near you will certainly help your pet feel better. This step will prevent you from going out of your pet’s sight, and thus it will stay content throughout the training.

  • Reward Your Dog

Perfect discipline allows for complete freedom. Forcing or pushing your dog into the crate will not make things better. So, if your pet hesitates to accept the crate happily, then keep calm and give it a good reward for completing each stage of training. To do this, you can put special treats in the crate or praise your dog for behaving well.

  • Don’t Leave the Dog Alone Inside the Crate Unless It Is Ready

The idea behind dog crate training is to develop a positive bond between the dog and its crate. Dog owners should never leave their pets alone inside the crates in the beginning unless the dog is ready. So, when you close the door of the crate for the first time, you should stay in the same room. Eventually, you can proceed to the next steps and leave the dog in the crate for longer.

  • Try to Make It Feel Comfortable

Being patient always helps in dog crate training. Also, you should try to make your dog feel more comfortable and help it develop a sense of belongingness in the crate. Putting its favorite toy or blanket inside the crate will attract it and help it stay happy.

  • Allow Little Breaks Throughout the Training

Dogs are quite playful creatures and are well known as perfect examples of love, loyalty and friendship. When training your dog to use a stylish dog crate, you can start the session with some games or by taking your dog for a long walk. After this, ensure your dog has emptied its bladder, or else you will have to again take a break from the training. However, short breaks at regular intervals will encourage your dog to adapt quickly to the new environment.

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  • Make the Place Its Own

A crate can be the safest and most comfortable place for your dog only after it accepts it as a space of its own. For this, you must direct children and other members of the family to refrain from handling the dog when it is inside the crate. You should not allow kids to play with the crate so that your dog can feel the space to be its own.

  • Keep an Eye on the Dog

Pets are very lovable, and some people find confining them inside crates as cruel. As a matter of fact, crates not just make your dog feel comfortable, but they also keep your pet safe when you are away from it. The process of getting adapted to the newer surrounding and lifestyle naturally will take time. Thus, if your pet shows signs of anxiety like howling, soiling or damaging the crate, then you must let it out immediately and consult an expert. Be patient throughout the process and choose comfortable, stylish dog crates so that your pet enjoys the training.